The Spirit of Sonora

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Although I’ve become somewhat more reserved as I’ve gotten older (I won’t say I’ve matured), I’ve never been content as purely an observer. No matter what’s happening, I want to participate in the action firsthand if possible. It’s that desire that drew me to language learning, travel, and ultimately the wine and spirits industry. I like to mix it up. So much of the enjoyment I’ve been fortunate enough to experience in my career is due to my almost complete inability to feel embarrassment or fear in social situations. I don’t remember the great bottles of wine, or the ancient pours of whisky, nearly as much as I remember playing darts until 1 AM at a pub in Campbeltown with a gang of rowdy Scots, or dancing all night in Montréal-du-Gers during the village holiday fest, drinking whatever they had on hand. For me personally, the nostalgia and romanticism I project onto alcohol comes from these memories—from participating directly in drinking culture—not simply the act of drinking itself.

So when I received a few emails this past week about Bacanora and the best way to enjoy it, I knew that a simple reply with some thoughts on glassware and food pairings wouldn’t suffice. This past Saturday we had another big Sonoran party here in San Mateo, and it’s through these photos that I can show you first hand how to enjoy Bacanora.

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Start by inviting a lot of people over to your house and cooking a lot of food. If it’s Mexican food, that’s a good start. If it’s Sonoran food specifically, even better.

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Drinking Bacanora by itself for an entire evening is not advised, so I like to have an entire fridge full of Modelo Especial on hand. You can usually drink Modelo all night long and still be fine in the morning. I say “usually” because this rule did not apply to me on Sunday when I woke up. There are exceptions!

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Once everyone has been fed and is ready to party, pass around small glasses of Bacanora to everyone in attendance.

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Play music loudly. Dance. Keep drinking Bacanora. Dance some more. Eat again. Then call it a night.

That is how you enjoy Bacanora. If you’re sitting at home, tasting several samples of Bacanora with a notepad and a book about agave species, you’re doing it wrong.

-David Driscoll