"Winter" in LA

IMG_1339 2.JPG

Last week in Los Angeles was cold, rainy, and miserable for those of us out on the road. The weekend, however, more than made up for that stormy sadness, bestowing a sunny seventy-five upon us for the three day holiday. My parents came down to enjoy the scene and we definitely made the most of our time: Studio City farmer’s market, breakfast at on Third, sightseeing through the canyons, and lunch in Brentwood for what I can say is easily the best pizza I’ve ever had in California. I won’t go as far to include New York and Italy in that mix, but their black truffle edition is the most flavorful and authentic truffle experience I’ve had on the West Coast. There’s nothing worse than paying an extra $50 to get truffle shavings on your pasta, only to taste nothing but butter because the truffles aren’t fresh. This pie, however, is as potent as it gets and is more than reasonable at $40 (as far as black truffles go). We were tempted to get a second pizza to go, but we had so much more eating to do. I’d say it’s worth doing whatever it takes to eat one of these.

As I get back out to the market this week I’m looking forward to going in-depth on a few new spirits items. I spent an entire day with the Trakal team recently, a group of guys doing some very interesting things in Chile’s Patagonia region. Also, getting to know Dave Schmier’s post-Redemption, Deadwood whiskies. Stay tuned.

-David Driscoll