Customer Service Shout-Outs


All too often we hear the complaints, rants, and horror stories from people who have been the victim of poor customer service. Rarely do we hear about the folks who do their job with a smile and think nothing of it—especially when your job title is celebrity. When you’re famous, the expectations go way up and the public is just waiting for you to do something stupid, or even worse: human.

Last night my wife and I went to the G’Day Gala in Los Angeles along with the team from Four Pillars. It was a giant ballroom filled with nothing but A-list celebs, all invited there to schmooze and booze with the adoring crowd. I can say with relative certainty that just about everyone there obliged in their duty of taking selfies, shaking hands, and looking fabulous. One particular person, however, went above and beyond in her efforts and that person is Isla Fisher. She was magnificent.

I am always watching for outstanding customer service wherever I go, secretly analyzing every move of the Starbucks barista and every word from my server at the local diner. I scout for salesmanship like an obsessed recruiter visiting little league games, and when I see top-notch talent I can’t help but pause to watch it in action. Isla Fisher was absolutely masterful last night in her interactions with the non-stop hoards of well-wishers and attendees that stopped by her table. We were sitting nearby so I had a clear look for most of the night, and when we crossed paths ourselves she was incredibly charming, pausing to take a photo with my wife and chat with us. At no point could I tell if she was just being sweet for the crowd, or if she is simply the nicest person in the entire world. It’s probably the latter.

And THAT is what makes for supreme customer service, in my book: when you can’t tell the difference. She maintained that same demeanor for the entire evening, effortlessly moving between trying to eat her food and smiling for the next tap on the shoulder. One of the guys at our table said to us: “You’d think that would get annoying after a while.”

“It probably does,” I answered, “but she’s a serious pro.”

-David Driscoll