News & Notes


Near my place on Ventura Boulevard is a slew of great pubs that offer happy hour every day and live TV every night. Seeing folks decked out in their sports gear, eating burgers and drinking a few beers while watching the screen, you might assume there was a big game on last night. In theory, there was; because in Los Angeles the Oscars are the Super Bowl of games, and people were out and about taking in the show. Here are some of my notes from the weekend:

  • I ended up ordering a glass of Noah’s Mill Bourbon for the first time in years last night, and I was amazed by how mature it tasted and how much it reminded me of the old Jefferson 18 year bottles we used to sell back in the day. It has that deep, resinous, almost oak polish aroma, but it sweetens out on the finish. Willett has done a great job keeping that marriage interesting.

  • I blew through bottles of Launois Cuvée Reserve and Michel Arnould Rose Champagne during our Oscars pregame, and very much enjoyed both: each with laser-like acidity and a freshness on the palate that kept me going back for more. Kudos to the importer for continuing to find such good stuff.

  • Speaking of Willett, there are a few single barrels coming to CA this week: all 100% Willett juice, both Bourbon and rye, so keep an eye out for those. They should be hot, hot, hot.

  • Those of you who dabble in the whiskey auction game might want to check this out: Hart Davis Hart has started what is being called the largest spirits-only auction ever in the U.S. and you can bid on all sorts of things right now.

  • If anyone ever needs any help with tenant law, I am not tenant lawyer, but I am currently brimming with legal knowledge in this area due to countless hours of intense research. I’ve spent so much time pouring over CA Civil and Health & Safety Codes, as well as case histories, that I’m a walking dictionary of potential violations, so please feel free to use that knowledge before it slowly dissipates over the next few weeks. I put it to good use and now I can relax.

-David Driscoll