100% Willett Distilled


“When are we going to see real Willett Bourbon?” a retailer asked me yesterday, while I walked him through some of our new arrivals.

“We have plenty of Willett Bourbon,” I responded, matter of factly.

“No, I know you have Rowan’s Creek and Noah’s Mill, but those are blends of other whiskies, too.”

“Right, but we have straight Willett Bourbon as well.”

“No, I mean Willett-distilled Bourbon, like how the Willett rye whiskey is 100% Willett.”

“Yes, I know! We have the updated Old Bardstown, 100% distilled and bottled by Willett. It says so right on the front label. Here, I have a photo on my phone.”

“Why haven’t I ever seen this?”

“I couldn’t tell you. We have plenty of it though.”

“Is it expensive?”

“Not at all. It should retail for $23 or so on your shelf.”

“Is it good?”

“Of course! It’s very sweetly-spiced, so loads of cinnamon right up front, and it’s also quite creamy, but it dries out on the finish and turns into sort of an earthy Graham cracker. I quite like it.”

“You can ship me some?”

“Whenever you want.”

“And it’s Willett, right?

“Very much so. As the label indicates.”

-David Driscoll