Closer to Clydeside


I caught up with the Morrisons this week who are busy plugging away with their distillation of Glasgow’s next great single malt. I finally got a look at the new Clydeside label and packaging as well, and I was very, very pleased. Modern, yet classy. Clean, yet striking. I love the colors and the way they pop against the amber backdrop of the whisky. It’s so exciting to see this progress! We were chatting about the possibility of privately-owned, single casks for people like myself who want to spend thousands of dollars on their very own personal barrel of Clydeside single malt. Apparently there is an insider’s group called the Ballast Club that can facilitate this kind of thing, so we chatted more about what that would entail. In short, if you’re interested in a club like this, let me know. I don’t believe they’re opening casks up to the general public, but I can pull a few strings on my end for fellow Morrison superfans. Send me an email if you’re interested. I will be signing up myself this week, so I can walk you through the logistics.


While we sharing photos back and forth, Stan showed me this photo of his dad meeting the queen back in 1980, while still managing Morrison-Bowmore. My wife and I have this inside joke where, because Stan looks very much like royalty, we think he’s secretly related to the crown. We’ve been calling him “the Prince” for almost a decade privately, whenever referring to him in conversation. This photo is only more evidence of that aristocratic association! I knew it all along!


A few days after our conversation, a box arrived for me with a sample of the Clydeside white dog (deliciously fruity and fine), and the most awesome beanie ever. Make sure you add Glasgow to your distillery destination list if you’re whisky-tasting your way through Scotland. If the viscosity and vibrant character of that spirit sample are any indication, I have a feeling the Morrisons are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the malt world very soon (once again).

-David Driscoll