More Batched Deliciousness


Another delicious batch of Barrell Bourbon just hit our warehouse, Batch #17 to be exact: a marriage of Bourbons ranging from 10 years, to 14 and 15 year old barrels. It’s bottled at 56.25% so it packs a punch, and it could not be more different from Batch 16, which I have to admit makes it much easier for me to sell!

Whereas #16 had this big, sweet candy corn profile with lots of baking spices, batch #17 is much more herbaceous, but—and this is important—without losing any of the richness. There’s much more of a savory note at play, herbs and spices that almost remind me of a liqueur, but it’s all bolstered by the mature mouthfeel one expects from whiskies of 14 and 15 years of age. It’s mouth-coating, rich, and textural, which makes it ultimately all so satisfying. The extra dashes of complexity are just there to make it fun, which is why Barrell’s blending prowess has tickled the fancy of many a whiskey drinker over the last year.

Can’t to wait to get out on the road with this baby next week! My accounts are going to be thrilled.

-David Driscoll