Late Nights


I may not look old yet, but I feel it. Considering I’m often in bed before 10 PM these days, I especially feel it when I try to go out late at night and catch a rock show, something I did relentlessly in my youth. Nevertheless, my wife and I got dolled up and caught a Lyft downtown to the Novo to see my boy David J rip through a furious Bauhaus set with frontman Peter Murphy last night, followed by a swanky private afterparty on the Sunset Strip. We were both dead on our feet around 12:30, but that’s part of the goth look anyway, so we fit right in.

I’m praying for my teenage hero and current neighbor Luke Perry right now. If you didn’t hear, the former 90210 star is in the hospital after suffering a major stroke, so I’m trying to send some positive vibes his way. Dylan McKay is one of my all-time favorite on-screen characters and, with the reboot scheduled, I was hoping he would find his way into a few episodes. If Dylan McKay can survive a brutal car crash, I know he can survive this, too. We’re pulling for you Luke!!

Despite the late night hijinks, I’m hitting the street early this morning with a few cases of Willett whiskies for some of my local accounts. Gotta get my deliveries done before the weekend to make sure thirsty drinkers get their hooch.

-David Driscoll